January 2, 2024

Emil Speaking at the TRTCLE – Essential Ethics: Five Key Considerations for IP Lawyers

Event Time:


12:00 PM- 1:00 PM ET

Video Conference

About the event

Patent and trademark lawyers are subject to special ethics and substantive rules which differ
from traditional law practice. This course delves into the unique ethical considerations and
challenges faced by patent and trademark lawyers. Led by a registered patent attorney with
expertise in ethics matters, this course will navigate attendees through five critical areas of
concern in IP practice.

The course will provide a comprehensive overview of the United States Patent and Trademark
Office (USPTO) Rules of Professional Conduct, which are rooted in the ABA Model Rules of
Professional Conduct. Participants will gain valuable insights into the specific ethical obligations
and best practices relevant to patent and trademark prosecution and litigation before the USPTO.

Attorneys at all levels of experience, specializing in patent law, as well as occasional and regular
trademark practitioners, will find immense value in this focused and informative webinar. Join us
to enhance your understanding of the ethical nuances in IP practice and equip yourself with the
knowledge and strategies to navigate these challenges effectively.

Recurring Videoconference every first Tuesday of the month except August.

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